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Version 5

Upgrade available for version 4 simulators

The latest version 5 software is supplied with all new simulators and is also available as an upgrade for version 4 dual head simulators only.

It is not possible to upgrade earlier versions because version 5 software makes use of hardware and firmware that is not available in earlier versions.

You can check the version of a simulator by looking at one of the heads - if it has two heads, both marked "4", you can upgrade.

Note: DryFire supports Windows 10 (but not previous versions of Windows) and Apple Mac PCs - please see the support page for details of operating system versions supported.

The version 5 upgrade is available from the Store.

Some of the changes

  • Support for Apple Macs as well as Microsoft Windows 10 PCs
  • Completely new, clean, "modern" user interface
  • Simplified system setup
  • Simplified projection setup
  • Simplified gun alignment
  • New scorecard display
  • New results display
  • New scorecard history
  • Select targets from scorecard
  • Bouncy rabbits
  • Following/Rafael targets
  • Improved clay speed options

Competition add-on

The V5 Competition add-on replaces Squadding and will be available early in 2020.

Rifle & Pistol

The V5 Rifle & Pistol add-on will be available early in 2020.

Gun Motion add-on

The V5 Gun Motion add-on will be available early in 2020.

Friends and Troop packs

These are available now to add 5 or 20 additional shooters to the system.

Note: additional Universal Gun Assemblies (UGAs) will be required if you want more than one gun ready for use during the same practice session.

Target Designer add-on

The much simpler Target Designer add-on is available now and replaces the older Course Designer and Trap Exercises