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Cost effective indoor practice for sunday shooters to world champions!

Winter/Spring 2023

Please click here for a quick introduction to DryFire.

During a dull, cold, wet, miserably English Winter we look forward to the snowdrops appearing at the end of January, followed by daffodils and then bluebells - by which time we know the competition season will soon be upon us. Faced with an ever increasing cost of living we recognise that our sport is becoming more expensive in terms of equipment, cartridges, clays and travel to the shooting ground - you can work out the true cost of every target you shoot! With DryFire you can easily shoot 100 targets every evening and use that practice to retain and improve your skills so that when you go outside you can be sure that every shot counts!

Worldwide demand for DryFire increased dramatically during Covid with thousands of shooters using the system in the comfort of their own homes. We have heard stories of people shooting tens of thousands of DryFire targets while on furlough while others have taken the chance to sort out eye dominance by switching from one shoulder to the other using DryFire.

Our new TS22 trigger switch is selling like hot cakes and getting rave reviews because, by operating as the trigger blade moves backwards, it retains the real-world "trigger feel" that is important to many shooters. TS22 is available from the store and we have added a detailed article on how it is fitted and used.

Click here for an article from Clay Shooting Magazine about using DryFire during the pandemic.

We've added an article about making your own DryFire Shooting Stand.

Accurate feedback and cost effective

DryFire provides accurate feedback, to the nearest fraction of an inch, as to where your shot went: above, below, ahead, behind - the sort of feedback we rarely get outdoors.

DryFie offers intensive practice, in your own home, at any time, using your own gun - with no travel costs, no cartridge costs and no clay costs. Targets for any discipline: trap, skeet or sporting; follow national and international rules with the same angular trajectories, and the same angular speeds, as clays outdoors.

You select the layout or target you want, e.g. Olympic Skeet Station 4 doubles, stand in front of the wall or screen, take up your shooting position, swing back to your hold point, call "Pull", acquire the target, start your swing, allow the correct amount of lead, fire and follow through - exactly as you do outdoors.

International distributors wanted

We are actively looking for additional DryFire distributors and dealers.

Note for readers in the USA

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Love the program. Use it most every day. It has enhanced my shooting tremendously
Just wanted to say we found it easy to setup and we're really enjoying it! We've got a queue of interested shooters wanting a go
The system works well and is a revelation to use