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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.


It is developed and manufactured by Wordcraft International Ltd. in Derbyshire, England.

Practise shooting clays, game and targets 24/7 indoors with your own gun! Stay sharp throughout the year with the world's only affordable home simulator.

DryFire gives immediate feedback on every shot helping you to improve your scores whether you shoot Trap, Skeet, Sporting, Game or Targets. Continuous practise with your own gun improves gun mount, muscle memory, gun movement and accuracy.

Customise your DryFire set-up by adding specialised software add-ons; simulate your ideal shooting location, create your own sporting targets, review your gun movement, analyse your progress or project an image of your local ground to use as your shooting background.

New to DryFire? Read The Basics of DryFire and start improving your scores from only £600 (exVAT).

DryFire Shooting Simulator, including Projection and Game


DryFire Shooting Simulator - Laser System
DryFire Shooting Simulator - Projection System


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About Us: Wordcraft International Ltd.

Est. 1978. Derbyshire, England.

Founded in 1978, Wordcraft developed and produced one of the world's first mass market word processors. Today, over 30 years later, we remain at the forefront of technology with a variety of products, which now includes DryFire Target Simulators.


"When the nice people from Dryfire came to our workshop with one of their simulators I hoped to be impressed by the system, and I was." B K Webster (B K Webster Gunsmith) "DryFire provides a visual stimulus that aids the visualisation skills and skill acquisition for clay shooters of all levels, it is in a class of its own." Phil Coley (Leading expert in Clay Shooting Sports Psychology) "The targets are exactly right." Sergeant Mathew McKown, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, USA. "The system works well and is a revelation to use" Callum Ferguson Precision Rifle Services, Tomintoul, Scotland. "I am speechless! The new features are so amazing!" Tiberio Pochini (DryFire Version 4 User), Italy. "I can't really say any more about the system. It works!!" Tim Jeffreys (DryFire Version 4 User), Libya. "I am very impressed and feel it has real potential" Paul Atkins, England. "Your service has been exemplary" Michael N R Burrows, Guernsey. "Love the program. Use it most every day. It has enhanced my shooting tremendously" John Lewis (Version 4 User), Australia "It is so real that I cannot believe my eyes" Carmel Calleja of Gozo, Malta. "Just wanted to say we found it easy to setup and we're really enjoying it! We've got a queue of interested shooters wanting a go" Neil, England "This new version feels clean, fresh and very easy to get into" Steven Chesterman (DryFire Version 4 User), England. "It is a nice piece of equipment, very elegant in design." Mark Olson, Omaha, Nebraska, USA. "It's good to know that when my local sporting shoot has been washed out and cancelled, I can still get some practice in!" Ian Wildig (Version 4 User) "I believe your product is going to make a significant impact on the shooting industry." Bob Ridge, Duncanville, Texas, USA. "I am in no doubt that this training aid will accelerate my learning curve" M.K., Berkshire, England. "Its certainly a step up from V3 and everything seems to be within easy reach now" Andrew Lindsay (Version 4 User), England. "The comments from the crowd ranged from 'amazingly realistic' to 'I've got to get one of these.'" Paul Davis, England. "The software is a big step forward on simplicity and workload, congratulations." Frank Miller (DryFire Version 4 User), England. "Excellent service, I have told everyone in my Gun Club." Col Mills, Queensland, Austrialia.