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The world's most recognised shooting simulator, with over 20,000 users.

Welcome to Dryfire

DryFire helps clay and game shooters improve scores by providing intensive practice - hundreds of targets every evening is easy to achieve. The cost-saving laser version is ideal for small or awkward spaces (a spare bedroom or garage wall will do) while the projection version uses a PC projector to provide a photo-realistic shooting environment.

Using your own gun you have total freedom of gun movement (no trailing wires to get in the way) and you can practise any discipline: trap, skeet and sporting, at any level: club, national and international. Targets follow national and international rules with the same angular trajectories at the same angular speeds as clays outdoors.

You select the layout or target you want, e.g. Olympic Skeet Station 4 doubles, stand in front of the wall or screen, take up your shooting position, swing back to your hold point, call "Pull", acquire the target, start your swing, allow the correct amount of lead, fire and follow through - exactly as you do outdoors.

DryFire then provides you with very accurate feedback, to the nearest fraction of an inch, as to where your shot went: above, below, ahead, behind - the sort of feedback we would love outdoors but which we can never get - until now!

Note for readers in the USA

Please see the note at the top of the support page.

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Love the program. Use it most every day. It has enhanced my shooting tremendously
Just wanted to say we found it easy to setup and we're really enjoying it! We've got a queue of interested shooters wanting a go
The system works well and is a revelation to use