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Universal Gun Assembly (UGA-WiFi)


UGA-WiFi is a new WiFi product and will be available in spring 2022.

UGA-WiFi works with either the DryFire Laser System (DLS) or the DryFire Projection System (DPS).

The UGA is mounted under the barrel of your shotgun. Some people put it close to the forend, as shown below, others prefer it closer to the end of the barrel.

Barrel clamps are available for 12g, 20g, .410 and they are made of ABS so they won't damage your barrels. Clamps are also available for Picatinny rails.

At one end of the UGA is a low power infrared (IR) laser which "fires" a short pulse of IR light when you shoot at a target. The pulse bounces off the wall or screen and is picked up by the DPS-SU or DLS-SU. The software calculates how far the centre of your shot pattern was away from the centre of the clay when they were closest together.

For clays the software takes into account many variables, including:

  • movement of the gun immediately before and after you press the trigger,
  • size and weight of cartridge pellets,
  • muzzle velocity,
  • type of clay being used and its ballistic profile,
  • location (relative to you) where the clay was released,
  • angle (relative to you) through which the clay travels,
  • speed of the clay at each point in its flight from trap to ground,
  • angular vector of the clay at each point in its flight from trap to ground,
  • lead required to hit the clay at each point in its flight from trap to ground,
  • expansion of the shot cloud over distance,
  • energy remaining in the pellets when they are closest to the clay,
  • number of pellets that would impact on the clay
  • wind direction and speed,

The other end of the UGA contains:

  • a USB socket for charging the internal Li Ion battery,
  • a yellow LED indicating the unit is charging,
  • a green LED indicating the unit is fully charged,
  • a red LED which flashes every few seconds while the UGA is switched on - it also flashes once when triggering is detected,
  • a two pin socket for connecting the trigger switch or MTS,
  • an on/off switch.

Note on triggering

The UGA is triggered in one of two ways:

  • from a micro switch wrapped round your trigger blade (like a tree tie),

    This switch is universal - it will work with any type of gun.

  • from a Mechanical Trigger Switch (MTS) which fits magnetically to your gun's action and detects the vibrations caused by the movement of the firing pin.

    MTS doesn't require anything wrapped round your trigger blade.

    MTS is suitable only for guns with mechanical trigger actions, i.e. they don't require recoil to set the trigger for the second shot.

    MTS could be used with a guns with inertia block trigger actions, but it would have to be used for singles targets only since, with no recoil, the trigger won't be set for a second shot and there won't be any movement of the firing pin for MTS to detect.