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DryFire Laser System (DLS)


This is the wifi version of the DryFire simulator.

DLS is a new product and will be available in spring 2022.

The DryFire Laser System (DLS) consists of:

  • the DLS Simulator Unit (DLS-SU - shown below),
  • the Universal Gun Assembly (UGA) mounted under your shotgun barrel,

    Several shooters may use the system at the same time with the optional "Friends Pack" and additional UGAs.

  • the laser version of the DryFire software.

What does it do?

Like the original DryFire simulator, DLS generates targets as moving laser dots on a wall or screen and brings clay and game shooting into your own home:

  • at any time convenient to you,
  • using your own shotgun,
  • with no travel costs,
  • with no cartridge costs,
  • with no range fees or clay costs,
  • with no need to worry about the weather,
  • with accurate feedback after every shot,
  • with support for all trap, skeet and sporting disciplines - plus game,
  • with no need for a data projector or screen (any plain wall will do).

DLS provides intensive practice - 100+ targets every evening is realistic.

DLS will improve your scores if used correctly.

Space and other requirements

In addition to a DLS system you need:

  • a space of about 4m x 4m (12' x 12') or more,
  • a 3m or wider wall or screen for the laser targets,
  • a PC or laptop: Windows 10 (version 1809 or later) or Apple (MacOS 10.14 Mohave or later).

Laser or projection? The choice is yours.

Wordcraft also offers the DryFire Projection System (DPS) which generates backgrounds and moving targets projected onto a screen or wall using a PC data projector. This gives a very realistic impression of outdoor shooting without the moving lasers used by DLS.

World champions and Olympic teams have trained with the laser and projection versions.

DLS and DPS offer you the choice of system to suit your needs.

Wireless and wire-free

Communications with the PC software, and with the UGA, uses local WiFi - a WiFi router is not required.

Power is supplied by an internal Li Ion battery - recharged from any USB port/charger.

DLS offers a totally wire-free solution - no wires for you or the dog/cat/child to trip over!