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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.

What's new in V4.9

Take a look at what's new in DryFire Version 4.9.

Course Designer improvements - define game flights, set clay colour, set projected background image and following (raphael) targets included.

General improvements - use PC microphone, including bluetooth headsets, for target release

Improved sporting trap images on projection view, including traps on towers

Shows more information on stop motion, including trap data and clay speed

Select which barrel is fired on stop motion

Press the ‘R’ key to toggle results display

Indicate projection screen position on room layout control

Clicking screen position on room layout control shows a dialog box to allow realignment of the projected image

Different images for standard and rabbit sporting traps on projection view

Using shooting ground views with projection, we can create an image that lines the trap with the clays launch point. Images included Umbriaverde, Italy

At the end of a round, statistics are not displayed straight away; instead a clickable message is displayed in the toolbar

Options to hide tool bar and status bar

Improved scorecard display for OTR, DT and UT

Select a region within an image for the projection background

Improved view from stand for sporting layouts with caged stands

Includes the scorecard on the statistics printout

With DryFire V4 you can purchase extra Add-ons. Add-ons help keep the DryFire base unit price down, but you can purchase these extras should you wish to enhance your shooting experience.

V3-V4 Added Features

In DryFire V4 we have developed some new features which we hope you will find useful.

Sidebar - The first thing that you will notice is the new sidebar on the left. The Sidebar will show additional information such as Room layout, your Score card and Target tools.

Room layout - Shows a plan view of your room indicating the location of the simulator and room stand(s). When operating in the new "Move around the room" mode this plan view also shows the location of the trap houses.

Scorecard - Shows details of your Hit/Miss record for the last practise session, so you can see at a glance if you are, for example, hitting more targets at the start or end of a practise session or fewer targets from one station or another so you can tell more easily where you have to improve.

Stop-motion with "Show aim point" option - DryFire will show, in stop-motion, the clay position on the wall at any point in time/distance along its trajectory from launch to landing. A further option is provided to cause DryFire to show where you should aim to achieve a perfect hit on the clay at its current point.

Move around the room mode - While the "Target comes to shooter" mode is retained for all layouts, a new "Move around the room" mode is available for none sporting layouts. In this mode shooters take their targets from different locations in the room, corresponding to the different stand locations on the range, and the location of the trap houses is fixed on the wall.

Voice prompts and scores - Optional voice prompts for such things as "Next Target" or to announce your scores.

Complete round - An All targets option is now included in the Target selection to allow a whole round to be practised without using the keyboard.

Hit but not broken - Rather than report as "Miss", DryFire V4 now displays "Not Broken" if the pellets are unlikely to break the clay at the distance they intersect.

Automatic camera exposure - Both cameras are calibrated at the same time.

Wall/Screen mounted backdrop - Ability for user to setup DryFire using a wall mounted backdrop.

Automatic Updates - Ensures that you are running the latest DryFire version available.

More layouts and layout options - Olympic Skeet and Double Trap 2013- Includes layouts that conform to the ISSF 2013 Skeet and Double Trap rules.

Don't miss out, it really is worth upgrading your DryFire to Version 4. Download Version 4 now.