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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.

Squadding Bundle

Squadding Bundle
Now includes 3 additional gun assemblies! The Squadding add-on allows multiple users to shoot at the same time. Note: each shooter requires their own Gun Assembly...
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Squadding Add-on

This is an optional software add-on that supports multiple users shooting as squads and includes 4 additional gun assemblies.


  • Practice alongside others in the same way as during a competition.
  • Become familiar with competition conditions before entering the real thing.
  • Overcome the psychological problems that come when you are under competitive pressure.


  • Multiple users may be defined which each user having multiple guns to chose from
  • Users may be assigned to squads to shoot against one another. The size and organisation of squads is layout dependent - as per the rule book.
  • Scores for each squad member are maintained in the sidebar so that they are always visible at a glance.
  • Each user has a log-in name and password to edit his/her own data
  • Squad results may be displayed, printed and saved.
  • "Credits" function for clubs to charge for using the system.