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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.

Returning A Unit

Important note about customs documents

If you are returning a system from outside the EU it is very important that you do not put the original price on the customs documents.

The system only had an original price when it was originally supplied.

If you put a large value on the customs document we will be charged import duty and Value Added Tax - in fact, we will not accept the package and it will be returned to you unopened (after a delay for between three and four weeks) and you may end up with another set of import duties and taxes in your own country. DryFire cannot accept responsibility for any packages sent like this.

Mark customs documents, in English, as follows:

"Product returned under warranty or for repair - maximum value for customs purposes 25 (twenty five) pounds sterling."

Packages marked with a value higher than this will not be accepted by us and will be returned

Also please ensure all declarations are written in English or you run the risk of having the package disputed.

Packing Details

If you are returning a unit to us please see the photos below and follow these instructions:

  • If you still have the original box and packaging that came with your DryFire unit, we highly recommend using this packaging to send it back to us. If you have kept all the inside packaging please try and use the cardboard turrets around the simulator heads to stop them from moving around during transit. Do this by ensuring the simulator has no power, then moving the head into the upright position then put the turrets on the heads and taping around the turrets.
  • If you don't have the orginal packaging, we recommend placing folded card between each head and its bracket so that it cannot bounce up and down within the bracket.
  • Place the simulator in a large plastic bag, and if you dont have the turrets then use some tape to bind the outside of the bag firmly over each head so that the head cannot move.
  • Make sure everything is secure and that nothing can rattle around inside the packaging.
  • If you don't have to original packaging please use a box for shipping - not a shipper's paper/plastic envelope.
    • Ensure that the box is large enough to leave a gap around the top of the simulator so that if something is placed on the box while in transit the weight doesn't fall immediately onto the simulator heads.
    • Any gaps in the box can then fill using plenty of loose-fill, white plastic bits, or other suitable filler - make sure that the simulator cannot move about inside the box.
    • Pack the whole thing tightly and securely. Shake the box to check that the simulator does not move inside it.
  • Add a note (and copies of any emails exchanged) inside the box showing what you have included in the box and why you have sent the system back.

Note: Wordcraft International Ltd reserves the right to charge for repairing damage caused during transit.

Our Shipping Address

Wordcraft International Ltd
Unit 8 Heritage Business Centre
Derby Road
DE56 1SW
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7399 677793 (this is usually required for UPS delivery)

Return Shipping

What to include in your returns package.

  • Your Simulator/Gun Assembly
  • A note that includes:
    • Return address (it must be a physical address - not a PO box number),
    • Email address,
    • Contact telephone number,
    • Note that includes a written description of the fault,
    • Printout of any related correspondence.

Note: Wordcraft International Ltd. recommends UPS for any shipping.