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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.


The Projection add-on adds even more realism to your shooting experience. Using any ceiling mounted or short throw projector (not supplied) this add-on enabl...
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Projection Add-on - using projected clay pigeon and game targets.

This is an optional software Add-on that, when used with a ceiling mounted or short throw projector, allows you to project clay pigeon targets onto the shooting wall as well as display your shot results right alongside them.


  • Improved realism. Shoot at the image of a clay pigeon target instead of the red laser target.
  • Be the best prepared for any shooting competition.
  • Practice shooting your favourite shooting ground indoors.
  • Set targets as clay pigeon images within the projected background image instead of the laser target, you will then see the size of the target change as it gets further away aiding depth perception. Note: Projected targets work best with trap disciplines (ATA, DTL, OT, ODT) where the entire flight of the target lies within the projected image.
  • Show the "aim point" as well as the clay pigeon target, so that you can see how much lead is required as the bird moves.
  • See shot results directly in front of you on the shooting wall.
  • Use a portable projector screen to set up your DryFire shooting simulator anywhere.


  • Project any image as your background to shoot at.
  • Includes the DryFire standard background image as per the DryFire canvas.
  • Choose a bunker if you are shooting Trap, a low and high house if you are shooting Skeet or a single trap for shooting Sporting/FITASC disciplines.
  • Use any ceiling mounted or short throw projector, (for more information about Projectors please look at our FAQ page).
  • Includes both visual and data shot results including pointing error, as per the PC screen.
"I think the Projector Add-on was well worth the money, also good to see you are developing DryFire, with the different add on software". - Mark Davies