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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.

Partners and Articles

Fredrik Larsson Perazzi MX 2000 + Nil Griffe Stock / Skeet
  • Silver in Swedish Championship in National Skeet
  • Silver in Nordic Championship in English Skeet
  • Qualified for World Cup in Acapulco for 2015

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Grounds & Clubs


Local Derby lad Michael Gilligan aged 23 has spent the last 10 years shooting. He started beating pheasants with his mates then eventually bought his own gun. He first shot English Skeet, Sporting and DTL before moving onto Olympic Skeet.

Michael initially qualified for the GB team back in 2005, he won the European Championship Individual Bronze and his team won Gold, whilst also setting a new world record of 354/375.

In 2007, Michael shot the first straight 100 for a UK shooter in the Home International Olympic Skeet Competition (4 rounds over 1 day event), he still holds this record today. Also in 2007 he won a gold medal at the Australian Youth Olympic festival.

In 2009, Michael won the UK Championships.

In 2010 he won the British Grand Prix as well as the GB and European Championships.

In 2013 he won silver at the 2013 Mexico world cup in Acapulco, second to double Olympic Gold medallist and World Record holder Vincent Hancock.

With the next Olympics already in mind ensuring qualification for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014 is Michael's priority.

Michael is a great shooter with much more to prove and strives to continue improving his skills. Working at Doveridge Shooting Ground means he can practise whenever the weather allows and has decided to compliment his current training regime with DryFire. Michael has open access to use the DryFire system at Park Hill and will work with the DryFire team with testing new software.

Michael is currently looking for sponsorship to support his drive to becoming an Olympic Gold Medallist, Doveridge Shooting Ground currently provide some sponsorship but to support his ambition Michael needs more. Travelling and accommodation to participate in competitions and purchasing equipment is very expensive.

I am sure there are more local Derbyshire companies willing to support a talented sportsman and potential Olympic Gold Medallist in a great British sport.

Please contact Michael directly if you would like to help him with his journey.





Arena Print
PC Werth

I have been shooting clays since I was 13 when I started at the BASC 'try-out' stand. I was totally hooked on it and within a couple of years I had represented my home county of Powys, 5 times in the ABT and All Round Events and this is where my high level of ambition took over and I started shooting Olympic Trap with the Welsh Team. In 2010 I qualified for the Welsh teams in Olympic Trap and ABT, however due to injury and various other reasons I was unable to attend the Home Internationals.

After recovering from my injury which had meant I was unable to shoot for 6 weeks. I was keen to get shooting again at a high level and with there being limited competitions in Wales, I travelled to Ian Coleys Shooting School near Cheltenham where I tried the Olympic Double Trap discipline and met Stevan Walton (double commonwealth gold medallist).

After a great day shooting Stevan suggested I go along to the next GB selection shoot for Double Trap at Southern Counties Leisure in Dorset.

I went along, and almost instantly thought this is the discipline for me, and now 2 years later I'm currently ranked no.1 Junior and 12th in the overall rankings.

My Awards:

5 County Caps; Ian Coley Masters Double Trap Junior High Gun 2011-2012
Welsh ABT Team inter-county champion 2009-2010 British Grand Prix Double Trap Junior Gold Medal 2011
Qualified for the Welsh ABT Home International Team 2010 Welsh Double Trap High Gun at Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships (European Division) 2011
Qualified for the Welsh Olympic Trap Home International team 2010 Competed in 2 Senior Flash Finals
Silver medal at the Britannia Grand Prix Double Trap Junior 2011 Currently Ranked 12th in GB and no.1 Junior

My Ambitions

To be a member of G.B. Junior Double Trap Team and to be ranked within the top 10 in Great Britain by the End of 2013

To compete in the European and World Championships in 2013

To compete in the Olympics in 2016 and come home with a medal.

To Shoot the Perfect Score 150/150 at Olympic Double Trap

If you wish to assist me in achieving my goals and would like to sponsor me, I am prepared to put company logos on clothing, put advertising and logos on my website, which has over 2000 visitors per month. Any form of sponsorship would be welcome, monetary or otherwise. I will be available for endorsements, promotional and corporate events. You can contact me using my details above.


Class D winner Criostior McCormack being presented with his prize, a Dual Head DryFire Simulator, by DryFire Ireland Dealer Michael Jenkinson.

Delvin Banks was the location for this year's Claysports Ireland Summer League Final, the final included a team event on Saturday 6th October and the individual finals on Sunday. This event was jointly sponsored by DryFire and DryFire Ireland.

The Claysports Ireland Summer League Final this year had over 60 qualifying shooters and the DryFire Simulator was one of many prizes including 5 Guns, over €4,000.00 cash and 10,000 Shells. Congratulations to all the winners and all who took part in a great two day final.

A special mention goes to Criostior McCormack who won first prize in the Claysports Ireland Summer League Final in Class D and won a Dual Head DryFire Simulator. We expect to see Criostior rapidly moving up the Classes in the coming year.

Criostior won in a 25 bird super final for his class which went to a sudden death shoot off which he won on the second pair.

Next year's final will be at Mourne Shooting Grounds, expect to see the DryFire system available for demonstration over the two day final.


My name is Tony Reece and I teach all forms of shooting at a private school in North Yorkshire. Four years ago we set up a very small, single trap outdoor clay pigeon range which proved a great hit with our students although, as a qualified military instructor with years of experience even at Olympic level I was finding it hard to get these very young boys and girls to understand the various processes in this type of shooting. Target rifle is easy as nothing is moving especially the targets!

I looked around for a system that I could control, in the military we have the Dismounted Close Quarter Combat Trainer, a simulator that allows us to slow things down and allow us to see exactly what our soldiers are doing when they aim and fire. The only system I could find that seemed to do the job was "DryFire". I talked to their staff about the system who were very helpful and talked to me in a language I could understand!

We bought a dual head version and set it up in our indoor range and began to train and teach clay shooting using this system. It proved an instant success due to many factors:

  • Our shooting option at school is in the evenings between 5pm and 7pm when in the winter its dark
  • We don't have to care about weather conditions
  • We use the system with our proper guns and the system allows us to "pattern plate" before we start to ensure correct gun fit (a god send)
  • The system freezes when a shot is fired allowing me to discuss exactly what they have done and where the shot pattern has formed and where the clay is
  • It costs nothing to train!

After using the system for a while we did add a little something extra. We fitted the laser from the DryFire system in the top barrel as normal, but we also fitted a laser bore sight in the bottom barrel. When the students tracked the clay on the screen they could not see the bottom laser because the gun is in the way. This allowed me to see everything they were doing before, during and after firing the shot and the DryFire told me everything else I needed.

The DryFire system allows me to create any type of shoot I want, including various weather conditions and I'm also able to produce fun shoots just to keep the lessons fun and trust me when I say that I am only using a fraction of what this system can do. At the end of a training session I often press two keys on my computer and I then have a practice with clays flying in every direction and speed, so the system works well regardless of whatever level you are!!!!

So the big question is: What did it do for us ?

The first competition we entered was the 2011 - CCF National Clay Championships:

We won the Flush. Came 2nd in DTL with individual places in every discipline

2012 - CCF National Clay Championships:

We won the Flush. Came 2nd in DTL, individuals took 1st and 3rd individual places in the sporting and overall

2012 - North of England and Scottish Championships: (against adults !)

We won the Flush and ABT. 1st and 2nd in the junior level individuals. 1st in the Intermediate level individuals and I was able to win the adult ABT. It is worth noting that I took a team with the following ages:

51 year old (me) a 17 year old, a 16 year old and a 15 year old (remember that we were shooting against adult teams including the Regular Army A and B teams).

This success has been achieved through a lot of hard work from my shooters, good coaching and the DryFire system that allowed me shoot thousands of shots a night with instant visual results. I never had to say "I think you were behind and a little high", the system not only told me within millimetres where the shot went, but it showed me on the screen.

The system worked for us and I'm sure it could work for you !

Tony Reece
Shooting Instructor



Pierre is DryFire's South African dealer as well as a keen hunter.

Pierre runs Kotoko Wingshooting Safaris, nestled just outside of Bloemfontein in central South Africa, is an idyllic spot where tranquility, the great outdoors, luxurious accommodation and tailor-made hunting trips meet to create the perfect getaway. Kotoko comprises of three dynamic companies which include Kotoko Lodge, Kotoko Wingshooting Safaris and Kotoko Taxidermy & Tannery.

Kotoko will be using the DryFire system during off season times for practice and teambuilding events. Pierre will also be demonstrating DryFire at local hunting and shooting events.


Bredenkamp 7
South Africa

+27 51 4438621

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