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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.

DFR File Upload

If you have your .dfr file upload it here, if not read the following instructions

DFR File:

Offline Registration

This page explains how to register your DryFire simulator using the offine registration process and is intended for those with DryFire Simulators that are unable to connect to the internet.

If your simulator is able to connect to the internet please follow the online registration instructions instead.

Step 1

When starting DryFire with an unregistered Simulator you will be presented with a screen asking you to register. Enter some basic details and proceed to click the "Register now" button.

Step 2

DryFire will automatically detect that an internet connection could not be established and ask you to save a registration file. Do this now by clicking on the 'Save file...' button.

Step 3

Give the file a name and click on Save button.

Step 4

Find the location where you saved the file and transfer it to a computer that is connected to the internet.

Step 5

Return to this page, http://www.dryfire.com/offine

Step 6

You should have noticed the 'DFR File Upload' box at the top of the page. Use the button provided to browse to the file you saved earlier and click 'open'. The filepath should now be displayed in the file upload control. Press the "Submit" button to upload the file.

Step 7

You should now see the registration confirmed page - go to the email account you provided as part of your registration details and wait for the email containing your registration key.

Step 8

Once you have received your email and noted down your registration key run the DryFire software again and navigate to 'Help >> Registration and features...'

Step 9

Enter the registration key that was provided in the confirmation email and click the "Confirm registration" button.

Step 10

Your registration is now complete!