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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.

What You'll Need To Use A DryFire Shooting Simulator

The Checklist

You require the following to be able to use DryFire in the Basic Mode with the addition of a projector if you wish to use it in the Projection mode:

  • A Windows PC (with external monitor or built-in display) running XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. (minimum specs).
  • A room with a wall at least 3m (10ft) long (painted, wallpaper - anything except brick, breeze-block or stone).
  • A DryFire simulator - both the hardware and the software.
  • Your gun (set on safety to give some resistance for the DryFire trigger switch).
  • If you are planning on using DryFire in the Projection mode you will require a projector, recommendations for projectors can be found here FAQ page).

The Ideal Wall for DryFire

The simulator projects lasers and/or projected images (targets) against a wall as you stand behind the simulator to shoot. It's best if you use a fairly flat wall - so take those flying ducks off the spare bedroom wall and off you go!

The ideal wall for DryFire is one that measures at...

A width of around 3m-5m (10 feet to 16 feet)...

A height of 2.2m-4m (7 feet to 14 feet)...

And a depth of at least 3m (10 feet).

Dryfire will work on any light coloured surface which has little or no texture. Stones, bricks or other rough finishes will affect the performance of the target and muzzle lasers.

If your wall is less than ideal, others have found that hanging up a plain white sheet or custom made wall cover works well.

Also note that to cope with overhead shots your ceiling should be high enough to mount your gun vertically but not so high that the Dryfire camera won't be able to see your shot.

The Ideal Lighting for DryFire

DryFire works best in subdued light. This is because the pulse of invisible light fired from your gun barrel is in the infra-red part of the spectrum. Direct sunlight also contains infra-red so it is best to ensure that sunlight is not directly falling onto the wall you are using for target projection.

In most cases DryFire will work perfectly well during normal daylight, though you may have to close the curtains (drapes, blinds) slightly.

DryFire does however have an auto-exposure function that will tell you if there are stray sources of bright light in the room.