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Projection setup

Quick setup

Before setup


Extended mode

PC/laptops can work with projectors in two "modes":

You must use "extended mode" for DryFire.

The extended mode procedure for Apple Mac is described here.

The extended mode procedure for Windows 10 is described here.

The simplest setup for Windows 10, assuming your projector is plugged into your PC and has power on, is:

An easy check for extended or duplicated mode

If the projector is set up correctly the PC display should not be the same as the projected display.

DryFire's left-hand sidebar, with the "Settings" button in the bottom, must appear only on the PC screen when the DryFire software is running with the normal simulation background displayed.

Things are wrong if you see the "Settings" button on the projected display.

Two displays but one mouse cursor

There is only one mouse cursor shared between the two displays - and you will probably lose it sometimes.

Keep moving the mouse left and right until the cursor appears on the screen you wish to access - it may be hiding in a corner or at the top or bottom of the screen.

Hint: a bigger cursor may help so on Windows 10 click on the Windows logo key (bottom left), then "Settings" (the gear icon), then "Ease of access", then "Cursor and pointer" (from the sidebar), then "Change pointer size".

Wrong image size

You must set up your projector so:

Checking for cropping

Follow this procedure if, during projection setup, the tips of the four arrows are not shown on the projection screen.

With the DryFire software running and your projector working, select "Settings", "Support", "Advanced", "More options", "Check projector settings" then "Open check page".

Cropping must be corrected before carrying out the DryFire projection setup. Check your projector's manual or speak to your projector supplier..

Ensure the projector's aspect ratio is set to "Native" or "Auto" and that any "Image shift" or "Zoom" features are set to zero.

The Internet has many articles on the general use of projectors, for example: here and here. For more articles do a browser search for "pc projector cropping and scaling".

Illustration of the procedure

The drawing below shows:

Setup procedure in detail

Report of problem with Windows 10 and extended mode

We received the following from a DryFire user in South Africa who was having problems with his projector. Unfortunately Wordcraft cannot help with Windows problems but we are really pleased it got sorted out in the end - and we now have an enthusiastic DryFire user!