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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.


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GunMotion Add-on (Requires Universal Gun Assembly or iPhone)


  • Analyse the results of your gun movement after you have tracked each target directly in front of you on the shooting wall..
  • Check the fluidity of your gun mounting and tracking for each target.
  • Check the speed of your gun movement against the speed of the target.
  • See if you are maintaining movement once you have taken your shot.


  • Enable/disable as you choose.
  • Check and compare results from the round.
  • Use the Universal Gun Assembly or an iPhone as your GunMotion device, download the app from iTunes.

Recommended iPhone accessory to mount the phone to your shotgun: Nite Ize Connect Cradle

Wordcraft International Limited does not accept responsibility for any damage which may arise to phones whilst using GunMotion