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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.

The Gun Assembly

DryFire offers two versions of our gun assembly - an all new Universal Gun Assembly for 2017 (an all-in-one solution that mounts to the barrel of your shotgun, pistol or rifle) and a classic shotgun-only version which comes in two parts (the muzzle insert and trigger box).

The new Universal Gun Assembly features additional configuration settings for switching from 'trigger' mode to 'action' mode(acoustic) which can be accessed via a Bluetooth connection.

For Apple devices(iOS) please visit the configuration utility's App Store listing.

For Windows 10 devices (version 1703 and up) you can download the configuration utility's Windows App directly from us.

If your computer does not support bluetooth we've verified the Belkin bluetooth dongle F8T065BF works with our own Windows machines.

For any Universal Gun Assembly related support queries be sure to check out our dedicated User Guide.