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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.

Official Downloads

Main DryFire V4 Installer

This is a download of the latest CD installer for use if you do not have an CD drive avalible on your PC.
The download or the CD must be run before conecting the DryFire Unit.

Windows Installer (Version 4.10.1)

Universal Gun Assembly: Trigger Configuration Utility

The Universal Gun Assembly features additional configuration settings which can be accessed via a Bluetooth connection from a Phone, Tablet or PC. The installers can be found listed below;

Windows 10 App (Version 1703 and up)
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Community Downloads


Course Designer V4 users can access layout downloads and upload their own to share with the wider DryFire community. Show import instructions


These are some of the images being used by other DryFire users for their projected backgrounds. Feel free to download and try them for yourself. Show download instructions