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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.

Configuration checks: Issues that may effect the amount of lead.

accurate settings + accurate alignment =
accurate targets & accurate shots.

Accurate configuration and user settings.

On the menu bar, select Setup >> System configuration, which will bring up the System configuration dialogue box, look for the Simulator settings section and check:

  • Shooter to wall.
  • Simulator to the wall (measured from the top of the spirit level when horizontal).
  • Simulator height (measured from the floor to the top of the spirit level when horizontal).
  • Simulator angle.
  • Shooter right of the simulator. NOTE: If you are standing behind it this should be '0'.
  • Wall to the left of the simulator.
  • Wall to the right of the simulator.

Check your shooter height value. The height is the distance from the floor to your eye level - not to the top of your head.

Aligning your gun

Select the Align button on the toolbar and follow the on-screen prompts.