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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.

What Is DryFire?

DryFire is a clay pigeon and game shooting simulator used for training and home practice. The simulator software supports all clay pigeon shooting disciplines.

It allows you to use your own gun to shoot virtual targets in your home or club.

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How You Use It

Using your own gun, simply attach DryFire's trigger switch to your trigger and fit DryFire's gun assembly underneath the barrel.

You call "pull" to launch a clay and when you squeeze the trigger the laser on the gun assembly will send a short pulse of infrared light, picked up by the camera on the DryFire simulator, to determine if the shot was a hit or miss.

Getting started with DryFire

Versions Available

DryFire is available in either single head or dual head units. The dual head simulator offers shooters increased realism by allowing them to see both targets at the same time when shooting doubles.

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What You Need

To use Dryfire in Basic mode all you need is:

  1. Your own gun
  2. A Windows PC with external monitor or built-in display (minimum specs)
  3. A wall with a width of 3-5m
  4. Please note Projection mode requires a projector, details on recommended projectors can be found here FAQ page).

The perfect conditions for DryFire

How It Works

DryFire has been designed using complex algorithms to simulate the realistic flight of targets, as well as the use of different cartridges and chokes.

The simulator projects a small red laser spot (or target) onto your wall. This laser target moves at the same trajectory and speed as a real clay target.

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Total Feedback

The DryFire software gives shooters vital information on each and every shot; both hits and misses.

When using our comprehensive shot results screen you'll find your shot improving in no time.

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