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Indoor Clay Targets (ICT)

Primary aim

To increase the number of people taking part in outdoor clay and game shooting.

Secondary aim

To increase the market for shotguns, cartridges, accessories, coaches and shooting grounds.

Contact us

Please contact Mike Lake to discuss the opportunities offered by ICT.

What is Indoor Clay Targets (ICT)?


  • is indoor clay and game shooting using the well-established DryFire simulator.
  • offers the full range of clay disciplines (trap, skeet, sporting, etc.) as well as game shooting.
  • requires exactly the same skills as outdoors.
  • offers a level of feedback that is impossible outdoors.
  • uses safe Indoor Laser Shotguns.
  • can also be used by shooters who have their own shotguns - subject to the policies of the ICT venue.

Promoting a brand and generating revenue

Shotgun and cartridge manufacturers might like to consider installing an ICT room at existing shooting grounds to build brand-awareness, to allow shooters to practise and to provide additional revenue for ground owners.

Being brutally honest!

Many in our sport are on the defensive because:

  • Guns get a bad press - they frighten people.

    The public does not differentiate between pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns - they are all "guns" as far as the public and the media are concerned.

  • Shooting is noisy.
  • Shooting is expensive: guns, cartridges, clays, insurance, travel etc.

    Setting up and running an Olympic Trap or Universal Trench layout can be very expensive for shooting grounds - which is why most people don't get a chance to try them.

  • Shooting is inconvenient: it can involve traveling long distances.
  • Shooting can be uncomfortable: not much fun in the freezing cold and wet.

These are major barriers to entry compared to other sports, especially for young people

Promoting ICT

ICT requires support and promotion by the shooting industry: shotgun and cartridge manufacturers, national and international shooting organisations and shooting grounds.

ICT is an opportunity for the future, a chance to grow our sport and our market.

ICT will not take off without support.

ICT Setup

ICT requires a space no larger then 4m x 4m x 2.4m (13' x 13' x 8')

A complete ICT setup, excluding guns, costs under £3,000 ($3,900).

ICT is ideal for sports halls, gyms, clubs, hotels, etc.

A dedicated ICT area would bring in additional revenue for shooting grounds - ideal for corporate days and to encourage members to attend even in the worst weather!

ICT would work alongside a golf simulator - using the same space, PC, projector and screen:

ICT would easily fit within a squash court.

Custom built

Garden room manufacturers saw increased demand during the COVID pandemic.