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DryFire Version 4.10 is now available.

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Q. I get a DFGraph.dll missing error. »
A. Are you running Avast Anti-Virus? We're currently aware of an issue whereby DFGraph.dll is incorrectly listed as a virus. This is a false positive. To help with this issue we have produced a short pdf explaining how to configure Avast to exclude DryFire from its scans.
Q. What kind of projector should I buy? »
A. We recommend a good quality short throw data projector as the shooter will generally be stood behind the system and the text of your shot results will still need to be readable. You can also read more about the projectors we used during development.
Q. The simulator heads move erratically during flight. »
A. From time to time the servos in the DryFire simulator can 'stick' or, depending on their environment, suffer from mild dust ingress. Fortunately the DryFire software includes a function to 'exercise' the motors which should alleviate the problem. Navigate to Setup > System Configuration > Advanced > Maintenance and click Exercise Servos. We recommend attempting this a good number of times before deciding to return your unit for repair but if the problem persists please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll take a look at it for you.
Q. Projected targets/menus aren't working correctly »
A. Best thing to do is to check the system is calibrated correctly - our Projection Calibration video steps you through the process.
Q. How do I register my simulator? »
A. You can read all about the registration process in our handy step-by-step guide on how to register your DryFire simulator.
Q. I shoot and nothing happens / Shots are detected even when I do nothing »

The camera's sensitivity to stray light may not be correctly configured for your room. Lighting conditions vary throughout the day and sources of heat have been known to affect shot detection. You can experiment with different settings by going to Setup » System Configuration » Exposure » Camera Exposure...

The resulting screen shows stray light as blue blobs and shots as yellow dots. Play with the gain/exposure sliders to tweak shot detection at various locations on your wall. If you're still having issues even after adjusting the sliders you may want to get in touch and contact us.

Q. I keep calling 'Pull!' but nothing happens »
A. The sensitivity may be off for your room. You can change the sensitivity of the microphone by going to Setup » System Configuration. The voice sensitivity setting is on the left hand side, under 'PC Settings'. Higher numbers are more sensitive (with a maximum value of 255).
Q. All my shots seem overly delayed »
A. It's possible that your trigger box has accidently fallen into 'Release Mode'. You can read about how to resolve this in our support article on the DryFire Trigger Box.
Q. The trap house on the projected image isn't in the right place »
A. While it may look odd, the trap house is most likely in the right place; it's more likely that the current background image for the projected view isn't appropriate for your wall. You can change the image used by going to Setup » Projector Options. Under the 'Projected Image' section, tick 'custom image' and then click the 'browse' button to choose your image. Some common alternatives are provided.

If your question isn't answered above you should first consult the DryFire User Guide.

If you still can't find an answer then be sure to check our more detailed Support Articles.

And if all else fails always feel free to Contact Us.